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Sprawl development in the United States is linked to a myriad of issues. What legacy are these development patterns leaving on the landscape? Landscape architects are often involved in the physical design of communities. This research project reports and reviews an adapted approach to community design and planning emphasizing clear communication of ecological design and planning issues in rural communities. Moreover, this approach relies on an interactive internet-based environment. For this experiment, we ask that you:

  1. Provide some basic demographic information;
  2. Browse the website while answering questions throughout; and
  3. Answer a few followup questions.

Thank you for participating in our research. As a token of our appreciation we will choose two users at random, the first will receive a $50.00 pre-paid debit card and the second will receive a $25.00 pre-paid debit card. To be eligible a valid email address must be entered in order to contact the winner of the gift card.


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